Seahorse XFe24 Analyzer

Seahorse XFe24 Analyzers measure OCR and ECAR of live cells in a 24-well plate format. OCR and ECAR rates are key indicators of mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis and these measurements provide a systems-level view of cellular metabolic function in cultured cells and ex-vivo samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



  • Real-time Results- this integrated system reports metabolic rates in just minutes, without sample extraction or labeling. Wave software controls the instrument and performs rate measurements on the fly for same day results.
  • Live-Cell Responses – detect responses to substrates, inhibitors, and other compounds in real time via the 4-port injection system and automated mixing while maintaining physiologic temperature (37oC).
  • Sensitive- analyze as few as 10,000 cells per well in the custom 24-well plate. Cell number requirements vary by cell type; consult the Cell Reference Database for details. The 24-well microplate and system has capacity for larger and/or more metabolically active samples than the 96-well system.
  • Compatible with a variety of samples due to the precision-controlled heating tray, which can maintain 16-42oC (12oC-20oC above ambient conditions).
  • Analyze function of islet or other mobile samples with the Seahorse XF24 Islet Capture Plate.
  • Measure mitochondrial function with the Seahorse XF Cell Mito Stress Test.
  • Generate a metabolic phenotype within one hour with the Seahorse XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test.
  • Measure glycolytic rates in live cells with the Seahorse XF Glycolytic Rate Assay.
  • Quickly determine dependency of cellular energy production on mitochondrial substrates with the Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test.
  • Easily create assay protocols and analyze data with Seahorse Wave software.
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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