Seahorse XF HS Mini Analyzer

Seahorse XF HS Mini Analyzers measure OCR and ECAR of live cells in an 8-well miniplate format. The quick and easy setup makes the Seahorse XF HS Mini Analyzer ideal for performing routine measurements of ex-vivo metabolic phenotype and other quantity-limited samples.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Right Size for Precious Samples- the XF HS Mini Analyzer is the most cost-effective solution for researchers with limited cell numbers or who have just a few samples to run each day.
  • Real-time Results- this integrated system reports metabolic rates in just minutes, without sample extraction or labeling. The instrument performs measurements and calculates rates on the fly, completing the assay in just an hour or two. Data is easily transferred to Seahorse Wave analytical software, or exported to common spreadsheet and graphing programs.
  • Fast Turnaround Time- the 8-well plate miniplate format streamlines assay setup. Custom report generators aid and standardize outputs for key assays while providing flexibility to support different experimental protocols.
  • Live-Cell Responses – detect responses to substrates, inhibitors, and other compounds in real time via the 4-port injection system and automated mixing function.
  • High Sensitivity- analyze as few as 5000 cells per well/15000 per group. Cell number requirements vary by cell type; consult the Cell Reference Database for details.
  • Compatible with a variety of sample sources due to the precision-controlled heating tray, which can maintain 16-40°C (minimum 8°C above ambient conditions).
  • Generate a metabolic phenotype within one hour with the Seahorse XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test.
  • Measure mitochondrial function with the Seahorse XF HS Mini Cell Mito Stress Test Kit and report generator.
  • Measure glycolytic rates in live cells with the Seahorse XF Glycolytic Rate Assay.
  • Quickly determine dependency of cellular energy production on glucose, glutamine, or fatty acids with the Seahorse XF HS Mini Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit and report generator.
  • Measure T cell activation with the use of programmable stimulant injection ports.


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