Lumos™ is a multiwell light delivery device allowing you to incorporate cutting-edge optical assay techniques, such as optogenetics, into your in vitro research. With individual control of light delivery in each well, Lumos delivers market-leading light intensities from up to four wavelengths. Providing ultimate assay flexibility, light delivery within each well is fully configurable with finely graded output intensity waveforms updated with microsecond scale precision. Light delivery is uniquely isolated within each well for fully independent assays across the microplate.

Lumos also pairs seamlessly with the Maestro Pro and Maestro Edge systems for simultaneous optical control and electrical measurement of cell network activity.

Enhanced Control: Lumos

Activity Modulation


“The platform . . . now puts unique control in the hands of the researcher. Using high-power LEDs that span several wavelengths increases the customization ability to go with specific light-manipulated protein manipulation.”
“This system for high-throughput optical stimulation in multiwell plates is the first large-scale practical implementation in the emerging field of biophotonics.”

The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2016 judges’ comments


A first-of-its-kind on the market, Lumos revolutionizes the optical control of cultured cells in 24-, or 48-well microplates. Lumos provides the ability to simultaneously use up to four different wavelengths of light per well at user-specified, precisely defined output patterns.


  • High-throughput – Simultaneous control of light delivery to each well of a standard SLAS-compliant 24-, or 48-well microplate
  • Fully configurable – Powerful on-board electronics, enable each of the 96 (Lumos 24) or 192 LEDs (Lumos 48) to be independently controlled with finely graded output intensities that are dynamically adjustable on a microsecond timescale
  • Complete wavelength coverage – Four wavelengths per well span the visible spectrum for selective stimulation of all the most-commonly used opsins
  • Environmental control compatibility – Options for regulation of temperature, CO₂, and humidity enable extended benchtop experimentation
  • User friendly software – Intuitive “drag-and-drop” style blocks enable quick and easy design of light delivery patterns and selection of target wells
  • Topside light delivery – Delivery of light from above each well enables even light distribution and leaves the bottom of the microplate open for simultaneous electrophysiology, imaging, or other interfacing modalities
  • Industry-leading light intensities – Large dynamic range with minimal cross-talk between wells
  • Pairs with the Maestro MEA system – Seamless integration with the Maestro for optical control of cell activity during real-time recordings of functional responses

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