Maestro APEX is the world’s first dedicated multi-electrode array robotic platform. It addresses the labor-intensive nature of cell based assays by streamlining every stage of your MEA experiment from plate preparation, routine culture maintenance, and running Maestro experiments.

APEX seamlessly integrates a sterile, robotic plate deck with a cell culture incubator increasing walk-away capacity, throughput, and data quality.


Maestro APEX delivers on the promise of high-throughput MEA assays, not just in a single plate but with a fully integrated system that allows you to make high volume Maestro experiments a way of life. Centered around the Maestro, we created a dedicated MEA workstation that not only frees up your time, but enhances the precision and reliability of each assay with a robotic pipettor.

Through thoughtful innovation, functional activity assays are now easier to perform than ever, with APEX leading the way to facilitate capacity and accuracy alongside Maestro’s high throughput and high definition assays.


  • All of APEX’s automated functions are seamlessly integrated into a sterile, compact, bench-top workstation.
  • User-configurable 12-position robotic plate deck
  • 44-plate environmentally controlled, automated incubator
  • 4-channel pipettor; accurate liquid transfer from 1uL to 1000uL
  • Sterile plate deck with HEPA filtration and UV light package
  • Two barcode readers
  • Complete AxIS control software integration with Hamilton scheduling software
  • Fully-integrated with Maestro, ECmini, and Axion CO₂ gas mixer
  • Pre-installed programs support 96- and 48-well plates

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