A Personalized Proteomics System for Any Lab

Combining superpowered innovations into a system with just 18 inches in foot print for ease of use and same day insights.

18 in


4 Chips


Intuitive Design

Elegantly designed with an intuitive user interface for ease-of-use and simplicity, completely automated for walk-away proteomics.

Reagent Bay

Load your reagents with a single-use cartridge for ultimate ease-of-use.

LED Status Bar

Instantly know the status of your experimental run with a quick glance.

Touch Screen UI

Award winning ease-of-use, now available on the IsoSpark

Engineering Innovations

Combining superpowerd innovations into a system with just 18 inches in footprint for ease-of-use and same day insights.

Software-Enabled Optics

Multi-colored lasers enable sensitive and precision imaging of each cell via surface fluorescence, enabling quantitative detection of proteins associated with each single cell.

Fluidics-Enabled Flow Cells

Our fluidics-enabled flow cell allows us to deliver the highest quality ELISA reagents with uniform flow in a completely hands-off manner, maximizing consistency.

Deep Hardware Connection with the Software

Access the most efficient lab collaboration tool with advanced figures and export features that help drive decisions across the organization.