IsoPlexis’ CodePlex solution is helping researchers by providing a faster and more streamlined approach to generating intracellular proteomics data via a fully automated end-to-end workflow. It does this by offering a modular solution to bulk phosphoprotein data analysis and minimizing variability from user input.

Tumor Signaling Panel

P-PRAS40, P-IkBα, P-NF-kβ p65, P-Met, P-p44/42 MAPK, P-S6 Ribosomal, P-Rb, P-p90RSK, P-STAT3, P-MEK1/2, P-Stat1, P-Stat5, P-eIF4E, Cleaved PARP, Alpha Tubulin

Adaptive Immune Panel

P-Akt, P-p53, P-PD1, P-LCK, P-CD3 zeta, P-Zap70, P-CCR7, P-CD28, P-41BB, P-MEK 1/2, P-P44/42 MAPK (ERK1/2), P-Jak1, P-Jak2, P-AMPK, P-PI3K, P-mTOR, P-P21, P-LAT, P-NF-kB p65, Alpha Tubulin

Product Specifications