Live cell, real-time kinetics, label free, complete solutions

Agilent provides researchers with a complete consumables solution ensuring sensitive, kinetic measurements to simultaneously analyze both metabolic energy pathways. Seahorse XF FluxPaks include: sensor cartridges, tissue culture plates, calibrant, and utility plates for performing calibration.

Cellular oxygen consumption (respiration) and proton excretion (glycolysis) cause rapid, easily measurable changes to the concentrations of dissolved oxygen and free protons in our “transient microchamber,” which are measured every few seconds by solid state sensor probes residing 200 microns* above the cells.

Key Features : Sensor Cartridges

  • Solid state sensor probes containing polymer embedded fluorophores detect oxygen and proton levels in cell culture media
  • Patented integrated injection ports for adding compounds, stimulators, inhibitors, substrates, and beads conjugated with antigens
  • Patented transient microchamber provides increased analytical sensitivity and signal to noise of OCR and ECAR (PER, gPER) readings when used in an XF Analyzer
  • Sensors are spotted onto the cartridge using a multi-step process that includes manual and machine vision inspection
  • Every lot is 100% quality controlled for performance and lot-to-lot consistency

*microchamber volume differs by tissue culture plate type

XF Analyzer

XF Test Kit

XFp Test Kit